Design Perfected, Inc.                    

             What We Can  Do For You                

Along with attention to detail and eye for design, Design Perfected, Inc. provides our customers with the exceptional service and personal attention they deserve. 

Design Perfected, Inc. has a wide array of custom services to offer...

Complimentary Consultation                                                                                              Guaranteed Plant Maintenance                
Programs Individually Tailored to Every Budget
                                                          Purchase & Lease Programs
Dramatic & Contemporary Lobby and Office Plants                                                    Color Programs 
Silk Floral Arrangements -                                                                                                 Exterior Container Gardens
Permanent &                                                                                                             Custom Containers
Rotation Plans                                                                                                          Seasonal Displays
Fresh Flower Creations Delivered Weekly                                                                     Holiday Decor
Interior Space Design                                                                                                         Parties and Events
Conceptual Design Programs - Coming Soon                                                               Commercial Insurance Requirements Met

Please contact us for references.

Design Perfected, Inc.
5137 Enid Court
Denver, CO  80239

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